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Amazing Grace Davenport

Georgia Leigh Ogden Foundation Congleton Chronicle

This morning please 🙏 if you can buy Congleton Chronicle our Amazing Grace Davenport is on the front page, this is to say a massive thank you 🙏 to The Georgia Leigh Ogden Foundation who kindly bought Graces stair climber.

Me, Eddie and Grace can’t thank Mark and Mandy enough for supporting our amazing Grace, they truly have changed graces life with the stair climber, we can’t thank them enough for helping us! Helping Grace! Keeping Grace in her home, the Georgia Leigh Ogden foundation has truly changed Grace’s life, we just cannot stop saying thank you !!!!! 

As you no this all started when Adam Partridge who owns Adam partridge auctioneers & Valuers who met Grace when he came to our home to value some items we wanted to sell to take grace to Llandudno in memory of my mum graces grandma who suddenly and unexpectedly passed away due to cancer, 

When Adam met grace he wanted to help, and he was the one that named her “Amazing Grace” and this is so true of her. 

Grace’s condition is life limiting and me and Eddie Davenport just feel at times we have to fight to make Grace’s life comfortable with certain pieces of equipment, grace has an amazing team who support her from the NHS but even they are unable to loan out or purchase certain pieces of equipment even though we don’t know how long we are going to be blessed with our amazing Grace there are certain pieces that just can’t be bought/loaned due to cost etc 

Grace is going to be supported by a children’s hospice and this will also help Grace, as parents you only want to help your children but when they have such a rare illness that you can not fix you can’t make it better you can only get items to make her more comfortable and happier, and that is what Adam Partridge Auctioneers & Valuers @Georgia Leigh Ogden Foundation
Congleton Rotary Minis Glebe Farm Rob Moreton Serenity Designs Congleton Kutchenhaus Sunny Bank Koi Eddie Hall – The Beast Cakes by Millrise The Gallery Hair Salon Congleton Cricket Club DJ BUZZ NAA10 Families together Ogden Syndrome-NAA10 Family Support Group have done for her and of course there will be and is more she needs but you all have changed her life you all have made such a massive difference !!
Not only businesses but the kindness of people some who no grace but many that don’t ! Some Friends and family who have supported Grace in all fundraising we have done and will be doing.

We will be holding a charity event at the cricket club in Congleton at 11am on the 6th October, Ruby’s sensory bus will be there also Astbury Darlings will be setting up a bouncy castle and much more, there will be some stalls, BBQ, Dj Buzz messy play and loads going on for everyone the fun day for all is so we can raised can go towards the funds to send grace to Disney land, but also so everybody can have some fun time together. 

Thank you Catherine Bedford for starting the fundraising at Glebe farm to help grace then for always listening to me rabble on when I pop into your shop for George shoes your an amazing lady look what you did by asking !! You’re a gem xx 😘 (there is probably loads of spelling mistakes lol ) xx 

Thank you for reading this lengthy post, I just can’t thank everybody enough for there support and help I know I have probably missed somebody out so I’m sorry if I have but I hope you know we are thankful for your help xxxxx